This is the official page for The Warlords MC.
First Thing is first, We are not a clan.
We are a MC. (Motorcycle Club).
We are always recruiting new members, Always looking for Bikers without a club.
Warlords MC are a GTA based MC. but we do venture across most games by Rockstar.
Feel free to browse the site, If your looking to get recruited, Drop a message on the forum

Founded By elit3 jaiy,
Co-Founded by CRiMEz WarLaw.

Check us out on the Rockstar Social Club
Also, Check our Youtube Channel

Members come and go, but Warlords stay.
Together we stand, Divided we fall, Fuck with one, Fuck with us ALL.

19 - Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers - John the Revelator
(Sons of Anarchy Soundtrack)