Becoming A Member

Becoming a Member of Warlords MC is a long process.
Click Here to Fill out an application

Talk to one of us, We may be intimidating and superiorly badass.. but we won't kill you for no reason.
We will then put your name forward as a 'Hang-around'.
Your place as a hang-around means you are in no way associated with the club's business..
you just hang-around with the club. Got it? Good.

If your still interested in joining the club, you can apply for a position in the club as a 'Prospect'.
But before you can do that, a minimum of 1 week as a 'Hang-around' is required.

Once youve spent 1 week as a 'Hang-Around' and applyed for a position in the club as a 'Prospect',
We will call a club meeting and discuss between ourselfs weather we think your Warlord material.
If the Club Vote passes, we will set you up with a sponsor.
Your sponsor will be one of our current Club Charter Members,
They will be your go-to-guy, any problems, questions? ASK YOUR SPONSOR.
As you are a Prospect, Your still in the trial period,
Prove to the club that you are worthy of becoming a Warlord.
Help in gang fueds, DO NOT START ANY.
Rep the club in any way possible.
Recruit new 'Hang-Arounds'..
The more you show your worth,The more chance you have of getting in.

As a Prospect, You will not attend Club Meetings and You will not have any say in a Club Vote.

Eventually, When your Prospect trial period is up, (Minimum of 3 weeks).
We will call a club meeting to discuss weather you have made the cut or not.

We will then call upon you to attend a brief meeting
If you are succesfull,This means we can see your worth, and will be proud to call you a brother.


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